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The chapter analyses the quality of managing cultural heritage sites in Croatia, particularly those inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List, which are under growing pressure of overtourism.The analysis was performed by using qualitative and quantitative data on visitors of the UNESCO heritage and the most important impacts of tourism on destination.

many speakers were able to identify bottlenecks to successful sustainable development which can be anticipated in croatia or that have already been encountered; these include: • ownership — ambiguities in the process of privatization discourage investment and slow the dissolution of unwieldy monopolies; • neglect -- takes many forms; governments.

Cultural Heritage and the Future brings together an international group of scholars and experts to consider the relationship between cultural heritage and the future. Drawing on case studies.




Partnering with senior management at a tertiary care hospital, this pilot study aimed to investigate whether an identified cultural assessment tool , the Family Cultural Heritage Assessment Tool . how much money we can carry in international flights from india. sustainability of cultural heritage management: “keklik street and its surrounding conservation and development project” a thesis submitted to the graduate school of natural and applied sciences of middle east technical university by eda Ünver.

a) Promoting heritage, cultural infrastructures and sustainable cultural tourism as a driver of local economic growth and social inclusion World Heritage represents our legacy from the past, what.

One of the greatest challenges of the 21 st Century is climate change. Sustainability Tools in Cultural Heritage (STiCH) is a life cycle assessment (LCA) Carbon Calculator and Library of Case Studies and Information Sheets developed to help cultural heritage professionals make educated, sustainable choices to lower the environmental impact of their work.. "/>.